Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Chill Week

Today is Thursday. This week has been relaxing for me because of the extra activities I have chosen to participate in. Monday I just went to class. Monday's are nice because the people who are there for their first week must take the placement test. They schedule this around 8:30. They must have time to take the test, have their results processed, and talk to one of the teachers and maybe go on a short tour of the school. This means that the other students (me) don't have to be there for the first class until 10:00. :)

So, Monday, I just went to class and came home and did homework. Tuesday, after class I did my homework and read until 15:00. Then, I attended a seminar given by one of the teachers called "Berlin for Insiders." It was given in German, of course, but I could understand most of it. The teacher told us the places that Berliners like to go, like some of the most popular clubs, theaters and places to shop. She also gave a brief history about the Berlin Wall, which was the most interesting part of the seminar, in my opinion.

Then yesterday, I did the same thing after class. I got Curry Wurst for lunch and did my homework and read until 15:00. Yesterday they showed a popular German movie called Sonnenallee. It is a comedy about the DDR during the '70s. I suggest it to everyone. It is  highly entertaining, even when the teachers at your German school make you watch it without English subtitles. It's very funny. Watch it.

Today I decided to not go to the political museum... The weather isn't very great today. It's grey and chilly outside, so I came home after class and here I am. I will be taking part in two excursions this weekend: one tomorrow and one Saturday which I will describe more in a later post.

Pertaining to the movie, here is the word for this post: lustig. Lustig is an adjective meaning funny or amusing.


  1. What is the pronunciation for lustig?

  2. loo stig. loo rhymes with glue, stig rhymes with jig.